Stemming from the results of Eu Funded project FLOWS, I co-authored with my colleague Stefania Sabatinelli and Roberta Cucca an article that analyses Bologna, its labour market and its local welfare system in terms of the city capacity to favor the integration of women in the labour market. The article (in Italian) has been published by the journal Autonomie Locali e Servizi Sociali and it is entitled “Partecipazione femminile al mercato del lavoro e servizi alla prima infanzia. Uno sguardo comparato sul modello bolognese in transizione“.

The article aims at investigating what have been the consequences of the transition to postfordism and the tertiarisation on women’s labour market participation in Bologna and how the local welfare system has been capable of answering to the new needs of reconciliation, in the context of a growing austerity.

Freely accessible on UAB Digital Document Deposit (in Italian).