What happens when a member of an emerging profession like Management Consultancy demand acknowledgement as professional? What rhetorics are at stake? This is the topic of the article published on Ephemera journal, an open access journal that deals with theory & politics in organizations. The articles is entitled “Professionalization at work: The case of Italian management consultants” and it tells the story of Arianna and her struggle for being recognized as a full professionals, despite being “just” a self-employed management consultant.Her argumentation lies on stressing the role of personal networks, on-the-job training and market success as opposed to peer control and professional association membership. The role of market is especially fundamental: in her world, the fact that you are able to sell your services to clients and to build up a reputation is what distinguish a good professionals from the other. Results are based on an innovative use of the technique of positioning, applied for analyzing narrations of management consultants.

The article is available in #openscience in the journal website and on the digital deposit of the UAB.