I’m very happy to announce the volume “Giovani Né-Né. Oltre la condizione di NEET“, free ebook available on Fondazione Feltrinelli and edited by me.Scope of the collection of articles published in the volume is to go beyond the stereotypes of the condition of NEET, to open the black box of a condition which is only defined by what is NOT: not in employment, in education or training. But what NEETs are in the end?

In this regard, it is particularly interesting the essay of Marco Constantino presenting the innovative policy of “Bollenti Spiriti” promoted by Regione Puglia. The idea is try to overturn the negative stigma behind NEETs condition to give value to all the creative and marginalized activities that young do and that might create a value for the society, even if these actions cannot fit the productive paradigm behind the notion of NEET.