The Italian journal Quaderni di Rassegna Sindacale has published an article of mine entitled “La professionalizzazione atipica della consulenza di management: il ruolo delle associazioni e delle organizzazioni” (The atypical professionalisation of management consultancy: the role of associations and organisations). 

The article is published in a special issue edited by Andrea Ciarini on Professions and Self-Employment (1-2017), with several contributions from Italian scholars debating on this issue. In particular, my contribution analyses the Law L.4/2013 that changed the legal framework in which professional associations for emerging professions are active in Italy. My thesis is that however the real place in which professionalization occurs are organizations, while professional associations have a marginal role at least for emerging professions as management consultancy.

The article (in Italian) can be accessed in the UAB Digital Document Deposit.