The ISA RC52 2017 Interim Meeting has been held in Oslo, hosted by Jens-Christian Smeby in the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA). The conference was entitled “Change in Professions and Professionalism – Signs and Directions” and I presented my new paper “Fragmented fields. Multiple professionalisms within and beyond organisation in Italian Management Consultancy”. 

I’m particularly bond to this paper, as it is the last paper I have developed from my PhD thesis about management consultancy in Italy. In the analysis, I show how the cluster of interviewees sustain 4 different discourses on being professionals, which reprise already established theories of professionalism developed by different authors in the last years (organizing professionalism, corporate professionalism, commercialized professionalism and hybrid professionalism).

The quietness of Nordic campuses

As always ISA RC52 events are enjoyable and I’m always happy to meet friends and new scholars working on professions. This year in particular I was impressed by number of new scholars interested in analyzing emerging professions, like for example the paper of Irmgard Steckdaub-Muller on professional tattooing. Another emerging trend is related to the diffusion of precariousness among professionals, which was also the topic of keynote speech from Kevin Leicht.