The 29^ SASE Annual Meeting “What’s next: Disruptive/Collaborative economy or business as usual?” was held at Universitè Claude Bernard – Lyon 1 (June, 29 – July, 1). During the conference, I presented my paper “A job on one’s own. Economic insecurity and women’s labour market activity in six European Countries” in the network C “Gender, Work and Family”.

The venue of the SASE Conference

This paper discuss preliminary results from my MSCA project VINE, showing an analysis of factors that might expose women to the risk of living in economic insecure families. Models are distinguished by household type (single vs. women in couple) and by country (Italy, UK, Spain, France, Czech Republic and Denmark). The paper reprise the analysis already done on primary data from EU funded FLOWS project and recently published in European Societies. The analysis is conducted on EU SILC – 2013. I received good feedbacks and useful comments for improving the paper, which seems to have a long way ahead before being ready for publication.

The network C in which I presented my paper was extremely brilliant and I appreciated in particular the paper from Nuria Sanchez and Jacqueline O’Reilly “Comparing Household Employment, Gender Contracts and the Crisis in Europe”. The paper discuss the possibility of theorizing mobile typologies in family models, using a hierarchical cluster analysis. Speaking of socio-stars, I was impressed by the intervention of Bruno Palier “Growth and Welfare in Global Capitalism” (with Anke Hassel) that tried to connect the model of growth and the recent evolution of welfare in Europe in comparative perspective. Austerity is changing our everyday life, not only our perspectives as researchers.

Corridors in Lyon 1

Finally, a funny off-topic: what do the corridors of the SASE venue remind you of? I mean my first impression is “Shutter Island”, but also “Shining” will fit.