In the last two weeks, I’ve been attending the ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques, which is the first step for the development of my project VINE. I participated to the course of prof. Bruno Cautrès – SciencesPo Paris “Multivariate Statistical Analysis and Comparative Crossnational Surveys Data“, which has given a broad overview on techniques going from regressions to data reduction. So stimulating! Not only for the new knowledge acquired, but also because being a sociologist among political scientists made me realized what I like but also what I dislike of the sociological point of view upon society. The funny unintended consequence of a quantitative course: being even more reflexive on my role as scholar in economic sociology and of course of my qualitative background.

The Summer School has been hosted by the Central European University in Budapest. A wonderful location, which I really hope it won’t be closed in the next year (if you haven’t heard of #IstandwithCEU). During the summer school, I presented the first draft of the VINE methodological paper “Labour Market Marginalization: the intersectional question mark”. PDF available upon request!