In Barcelona, November 23rd/November 25th the University of Barcelona is going to host the Seminario Internacional de la Red GENCPOLIS y las IV Jornadas de Recerca Feminista del Instituto Interuniversitario de Estudios de Mujeres y Género (IIEDG) “Género, Ciudadanía y Políticas”. During this event, I’m going to present preliminary results of my project VINE, funded by the MSCA Action of European Commission.

The paper I’m going to present is entitled “A job of One’s Own. Does women’s labour market participation influence the economic insecurity of households?”, based on a cross-sectional analysis of EU SILC data (2013). The analysis shows how the individual labour market participation of women do count in determining the economic insecurity of the family in which they live, while determinants changed across countries that belong to different welfare regimes. The paper is theoretical inspired by the work of Trifiletti (1999).