I’m very happy to announce that my article “Are Solidarity Purchasing Groups a Social Innovation? A study inspired by Social Forces” has been published by PACO, in the issue 3 of 2017. This study stems from the EU Funded Project CrESSI (2014-2018) and it aims at studying social innovations cases in their capacity to tackle economic marginalisation of beneficiaries. And the answer is yes, they are.

In particular, my article deals with the case of Italian Solidarity Purchasing Groups (SPGs) using the theoretical approach of Jens Beckert. By taking in account the three social forces identified by the German sociologist (Cognitive Frame, Network and Institution), the article analyses 35 interviews with managers and participants of SPGs with the aims of testing the hypothesis that SPGs are social innovations. Contrary to previous research on the matter, it focuses on SPGs as organizations and it moves the focus from the consumers (considered social innovators in my frame) to producers (the beneficiaries of the social innovation).

The article is available for free download on UAB Digital Document Deposit.