October 5th and 6th I have been participating at the REPS (Red Espanola de Politicas Sociales), which took place in Zaragoza. It has been a great occasion to present preliminary advancements of my project VINE to a Spanish audience, also challenging my skills in Spanish.

I presented two papers. The first one written with A. Firinu is entitled “From dualization to continuum. Exploring dimensions of marginal work in Southern Europe” in the panel 10.1 “Retos de las políticas sociales en el contexto de un crecimiento no inclusivo”. The second one, written with M. Leon, is entitled “So close, so far? Part-time employment and its effects in gender equality in Italy and Spain” and it was presented in the panel “Garantía de ingresos para población activa y transformaciones de los mercados de trabajo”. 

The main argument behind the two papers deals with the role of involuntary non-standard work in exposing women and young to an insecure integration into the labour market, which might expose them to economic insecurity and social vulnerability.