Solidarity Purchasing Groups: historical perspectives

The EU funded project CRESSI aims at investigating the role of social innovations in empowering the lives of marginalized citizens in Europe. In particular, during my collaboration in the CRESSI project I wrote a report on Gruppi di Acquisto Solidale (Solidarity Purchasing Groups) as social innovations in the agricolture and food sector. The report analyses the evolutions of GASs in Italy since their beginning by applying the theoretical perspective of Jens Beckert (2010).

The working paper is available on the UAB DDD.

How to study social innovation?

One of the objectives of the EU Funded project CRESSI was to develop innovative methodological approach to study social innovation in a comparative perspective. Thanks to the collaboration within the Italian team of the project, we developed a report that offers some guidelines to pursue qualitative and quantitative analysis of social innovation.

The report entitled Toolkit: Methodology is available for free download on UAB DDD.