Qualitative methods in San Salvador

The first week of September, I have been visiting the University of El Salvador invited as guest lecturer of qualitative methods at the Master of Political Science.

The Master is the first activated in this small country that has a difficult past and a present full of hopes. My students are a new generation, deeply involved in the development of their country and they have been enthusiastically learning techniques for investigating social phenomenona by understanding social process occurring in their country.

About Qualitative Sampling

I am very happy to announce that I have published a chapter in the new edition of the SAGE manual “Researching Health. 3rd Edition“. The chapter is co-authored with my colleagues Arianna Radin and Elena Spina, the two expert in health research.

In the chapter, we start by analyzing the challenging of sampling in qualitative research, while giving suggestions and recommendations about the four main types of qualitative sampling: quota, purposive, self-selection and snowball sampling.

At the SISEC School

During the second edition edition of the SISEC School in Giardini di Naxos, I have been invited to give a class about communication of science, with a special focus on social media tools. It has been a great experience and a couple of very amusing hours in which I have discussed why it is important to communicate our scientific results and how we can effectively do it. Students have brilliantly answered with a lot of questions and interest, which made me very happy of their commitment on the issue.  (more…)

A short visit in Vienna

In the last week of April, I took a very short visit in Vienna under the invitation of prof. Yuri Kazepov at the Department of Sociology. A short time, but full of interesting exchanges and talks! First, I was very honoured to give a class on “how to build indicators” in the former university of Paul Lazarsfeld, which is indeed the sociologist that mostly contributed to the development of quantitative methods. If you have never read it, his essay on indicators is a must-to-read for every methodologist! (here I am in action in the picture) (more…)

Days in the North

My friend Karolina Parding has invited me for a couple of days in her university, up in the far North of Sweden at Luleå University of Technology. The experience of meeting her colleagues and her student in a stunning natural environment was incredible. During my stay (unfortunately too short) I gave two lessons on my favorite topics: one class was devoted to how to do biographical interviews and another was given on the topic of marginal work. Slides are available upon request!

Hopefully coming back soon for another stay with my Northern friends!