Participate to the VINE lab!

The VINE project is very happy to announce a laboratory for policy recommendations, which is going to be held during the next IGOP Summer School in Barcelona. The event is going to take place Wednesday June 19th, 2019 (11.30-13.30).

In the event, the VINE principal Investigator Lara Maestripieri will guide a debate on involuntary part-time work and the role of local policies in fighting against the phenomenon. Participants will be required to reflect on the role of active labour market policies, local labour demand and childcare in influencing the decision-making behind accepting an unwilled part-time work.

The event is totally free of charge, but registration is required.

Laboratory will take place in Spanish.

A short visit in Vienna

In the last week of April, I took a very short visit in Vienna under the invitation of prof. Yuri Kazepov at the Department of Sociology. A short time, but full of interesting exchanges and talks! First, I was very honoured to give a class on “how to build indicators” in the former university of Paul Lazarsfeld, which is indeed the sociologist that mostly contributed to the development of quantitative methods. If you have never read it, his essay on indicators is a must-to-read for every methodologist! (here I am in action in the picture) (more…)

Days in the North

My friend Karolina Parding has invited me for a couple of days in her university, up in the far North of Sweden at Luleå University of Technology. The experience of meeting her colleagues and her student in a stunning natural environment was incredible. During my stay (unfortunately too short) I gave two lessons on my favorite topics: one class was devoted to how to do biographical interviews and another was given on the topic of marginal work. Slides are available upon request!

Hopefully coming back soon for another stay with my Northern friends!