At the REPS 2018 on Part-Time and Marginal Work

October 5th and 6th I have been participating at the REPS (Red Espanola de Politicas Sociales), which took place in Zaragoza. It has been a great occasion to present preliminary advancements of my project VINE to a Spanish audience, also challenging my skills in Spanish. (more…)

Interviewed on Women and Work

During the last Jobless Society Forum (June 13th), the Foundation Feltrinelli has interviewed me on the topic of Women and Work. During the video, I briefly explain the results of the discussion organised during the Third Edition of the Jobless Society in which we focus on the ambivalences of part-time employment and the quality of the work that women can access.

You can access the video on youtube, the interview is in Italian. Women and Work is the topic of my MSCA project VINE – Social Vulnerability and its Intersections.

Participating at the XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology

Great days in Toronto! From July, 15th to July 21st I have participated to the XIX World Congress of Sociology, together with 5.700 delegates coming from all over the world. During the week, I have contributed to the congress presenting my last researches on VINE, on marginal work and on social innovation in the alternative food networks. Without forgetting my active participation to the works of RC52 Sociology of Professional Groups, in which I am standing in the elections for the board in my second term. (more…)

Presenting at FES, Federation Espanola de Sociologia

In June 21st and 22nd, I have participated to the IV Encuentro del Comité de Sociología del trabajo de la FES “Como estamos ‘saliendo’ de la crisis?”. The conference, which gathered economic sociologists all over Spain, has been organised at the Universidat Autònoma de Barcelona by QUIT, Centre d’Estudis Sociològics sobre la Vida Quotidiana i el Treball. It has been a wonderful occasion to present my recent works on dualization processes in Southern Europe, based on the MSCA funded project VINE. And also to show my Spanish skill, as it was my first presentations in Spanish! (more…)