The 29^ SASE Annual Meeting “What’s next: Disruptive/Collaborative economy or business as usual?” was held at Universitè Claude Bernard – Lyon 1 (June, 29 – July, 1). During the conference, I presented my paper “A job on one’s own. Economic insecurity and women’s labour market activity in six European Countries” in the network C “Gender, Work and Family”. (more…)

Are you single? Move to Denmark!

The science popularization portal InGenere has published a contribution of mine entitled “Per essere single bisogna vivere in Danimarca” (to be single, you have to live in Denmark). This article reprises the main results of the paper published in European Societies with C. Ranci and K. Kasearu, based on the primary data collected on women (25-64 years old) living in 11 European Cities during the EU Funded project FLOWS.

Women at risk in European Cities

What are the determinants of women’s economic insecurity? Are they changing across different cities in Europe? These are the two main questions behind the article published in European Societies and authored with C. Ranci and K. Kasearu  “Women at risk: the impact of labour-market participation, education and household structure on the economic vulnerability of women through Europe“. (more…)