During the second edition edition of the SISEC School in Giardini di Naxos, I have been invited to give a class about communication of science, with a special focus on social media tools. It has been a great experience and a couple of very amusing hours in which I have discussed why it is important to communicate our scientific results and how we can effectively do it. Students have brilliantly answered with a lot of questions and interest, which made me very happy of their commitment on the issue. The importance of communicating science is often forgotten by researchers, while it is becoming the more and more one of the most important requirements for public funding. It is also an ethical obligation as researchers should learn how to give back their investigation not only to the academic community, but widely to the general public. Relying on the brilliant material published on the blog of Xavier Lasausca, I have introduced the five basic tasks we have to keep in mind when communicating research: Listen, Communicate, Connect, Create and Share.

Enjoy the presentation in #openaccess! (in Italian)