I am delighted to announce my new article on social innovation in agricolture and food, written with Antonello Podda and Toa Giroletti entitled “Solidarity Purchasing Groups in Italy : a critical assessment of their effects on the marginalization of their suppliers“. The article has been published in the International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food, in a special issue coordinated by Allison Loconto and Yuna Chiffoleau entitled “SOCIAL INNOVATION IN AGRICULTURE AND FOOD: OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLES?“.

I am very proud of the wonderful analysis that I proposed with my colleagues in this article. We explore the notion of Alternative Food Networks, thanks to the brilliant theoretical framework written by Antonello. And then we use the notion of social innovation to explore how and if SPGs are capable of reducing the economic and social marginalization of their suppliers, with a mixed-method approach developed by Toa and Me. Results shows that suppliers of SPGs are more protected from economic downturns and tends to participate more to civil society and political issues, but still the role of SPGs is limited and their impact is not as effective as social innovators think it to be.

IJSAF is an open access journal, freely available for consultation on the web and it is the official journal of the RC40 Sociology of Agriculture and Food of the International Sociological Association. The article is available for download and consultation also on the UAB DDD.