Professionalism in the Italian management consulting

I am so proud to announce that the last and most interesting article from my Phd project has been published in the Journal of Professions&Organization today. The article set a case of the Italian Management Consultancy and present four ideal-types of professionals, which presents different but coexisting ways of embodying professionalism in this profession.

The article reprises 55 interviews made in Italy withing different work settings in the field (corporations, small and medium companies, self-employment) showing how discourses on professions change when work settings change. It also shows that previous theorization in the field (corporate professionalism, hybridized professionalism, commercialized professionalism, and organizing professionalism) are effective heuristic tools to understand the fragmentation of this field.

Please access freely the article by clicking on the advance articles section of the journal.

Days in the North

My friend Karolina Parding has invited me for a couple of days in her university, up in the far North of Sweden at LuleƄ University of Technology. The experience of meeting her colleagues and her student in a stunning natural environment was incredible. During my stay (unfortunately too short) I gave two lessons on my favorite topics: one class was devoted to how to do biographical interviews and another was given on the topic of marginal work. Slides are available upon request!

Hopefully coming back soon for another stay with my Northern friends!